Be Sharp Band released the album "Ashes"


Debut album with 12 original songs whose intention is to display a broad span of blues and blues related genres - all of them rooted in old school blues but combined with a modern urban arrangement, therefor making a specific neo retro blues sound.

The formula that gave life to these songs is the same no matter the diversity - in the centre you find a strong charge of guitar vs. vocal electricity (Nenad Mađerić - guitar; Marija Gašparić - vocals). Insurged with a firm rhythm section chemistry (Hrvoje Kaučić - bass guitar; Robert Jurčec - drums), or better yet - alchemy. Softened by a carpet of keyboards (Tomislav Ocvirek) - a flying one at that, because it allows you to flow between powerful riff currents. Special guests spice it up even more: master harp work by Krešo Oremuš; smashing back-vocals born in cooperation between Iva Jelić and the bands own Marija Gašparić, and magically timed percussions by Niko Radas.


Michael Limnios (Ambassador, Blues Hall of Fame)

"It is hard to measure in actual quantitative levels the amount of joy one gets from music while listening to Croatian band named Be Sharp Band, but every ounce of that emotion comes ringing through on their new release. Driving Southern Blues with a full Rock'n'Roll manifesto, and Boogie Blues anthems with all inspired rendition of Urban blues. Keep on Truckin' ...."

Gerry Casey, Making a scene magazine

"From the evidence of this fine debut album, "Ashes" is set to burn brightly in the world of blues for quite some time to come. If listening to blues with a bite, coupled with modern day lyrics, is your thing - then "Ashes" is definitely for you."

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